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Killer heels
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Brooklyn Museum, New York – USA 10/09/14 – 15/02/2015 Killer Heels explores fashion’s most...

SHOEting stars
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Kunst Haus Wien, Museum Hundertwasser – AUT 18/06 – 05/10/2014 The topic of “shoes“ opens...

GAF Amsterdam
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MediaArena, Amsterdam – NL 22/05 – 25/05/2014 ‘Victoria Koblenko caught in the web of our SPIDER’...

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Heliotrope: any plant that turns towards the sun! Credits: Design: Karin Janssen, René van den Berg...

NICHE magazine
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By: Jill Lang; arts columnist NICHE magazine – CA Balancing on the edge of what’s feasible...

Coral by A SHOE CAN BE
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By: Liza Snook; Curator Virtual Shoe Museum – NL A SHOE CAN BE reveals their shoe sculpture Coral....

MEERwaarde aan de Amstel
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Vitra Nederland, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel – NL 22/06 – 23/06/2013

Stepping into the limelight
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GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig – DE 28/03 – 29/09/2013 The special relationship which...